Affiliate program

Attracting partners to Valuedawn does not require much effort and can turn into decent income for you!

Affiliate program

Refer investors, create your own affiliate network, and become a reliable partner of Value Dawn.
Third level
1% Standard
2% Representative
Second level
2% Standard
3% Representative
First level
5% Standard
10% Representative

You need to have at least BTC 0.5 of active deposit in order to get "Representative" status.

Social networks

Valuedawn Invest offers a multi-level affiliate program that allows you to receive a reward of up to 15% of each deposit of the customer you referr! If the referred participant becomes a regular customer and continues to invest, you will receive rewards many times. Many of our partners successfully and efficiently refer customers using social networks, websites, blogs, and forums.

Status in the affiliate program

Each level has two statuses: Standard and Representative. The status of representative involves getting more profitable commissions from contributions of participants that you referred. You need to make a deposit of at BTC 0.5 in order to get the status of Representative. After that, the status is activated automatically and you will receive a higher commission from the deposits of participants that you referred.