About Company

We successfully multiply the capital of the company and its partners, as well as our key asset – reputation.

About Company


Value Dawn PTY LTD — is a venture capital fund that invests in companies at the growth stage, as well as at early stages of development. Experienced professionals in the field of investment manage the fund.

Value Dawn PTY LTD has successfully created and financed more than ten projects with its own money since 2010. Their total turnover exceeded $1.3 bln by 2015. The fund team has invested in various sectors of the economy, including retail, IT and high-tech, telecommunications, green technology, real estate, and other markets.

Value Dawn PTY LTD created a management company in 2016 that will manage the venture fund for investing in online businesses. The Value Dawn PTY LTD fund invests in companies in the early stages of their development in the following sectors of the economy: consumer Internet (including e-commerce and other online services), cloud services, software, mobile technologies, payment systems, online games, and social media.


Technologies have long ceased to be just an applied solution to vital tasks. IT is changing the conditions of our lives today, creating a new reality and a new future. The task of Value Dawn PTY LTD is to contribute to the creation of this new technological world. We are looking for new projects that can significantly change the current situation in infrastructure, healthcare, and agriculture. We are looking for people who are willing to work in life-changing projects.

Thanks to a balanced, socially-focused investment policy of our mastermind shareholders, we successfully multiply the capital of the company and its partners, as well as our key asset – reputation.

We strive to apply the most advanced technologies in production and management, keeping up with the times and progress. All projects of the company undergo a multistage quality audit at all stages of implementation.

The activity of the fund is inextricably linked with the core values of a progressive, modern society: improving living conditions, social responsibility, and caring for future generations. That is why we select the best projects.

Financial performance

We ensure a constant increase in the efficiency of our activities by improving customer service, quality of services, and professional growth.

Mission and goal

Our mission

Our mission is to establish a new quality of life for future generations by implementing the most advanced investment projects.

Our goal

Our goal is to become a leading company investing in IT, developing the economy in certain countries and regions.